Are you really Okay?

I’ve asked many people in the past and even recently, “How are you doing?”. Most tell me they are fine or OK but are they really? We get so used to giving people quick answers to questions like this when deep down we really aren’t doing as well as we try to make it seem. Most people don’t know each other very well these days so an answer like this is just accepted and “no harm, no foul”. But what about you?

Sometimes I have expressed exactly how I feel and people look at me like something is growing out of my ear. If we actually are honest with each other would that make a difference in the world? Maybe. So, are you really okay?

God loves you and He cares about you. It doesn’t matter to Him if you are feeling down or if you are on top of the world. He will always be there with you either way. IF you have given your heart to Him and live by that decision every day then your life can be OK every day. Wake up by giving Him praise for letting you have another day to serve Him. Life is too short to look at things the way that the world looks at them. Most of the world seems to think that the sun rotates around them and the whole world is their oyster.

What good is having the whole world today, right now, and then spending eternity in hell? Have you ever considered how long that is? Most of us won’t live for one hundred years and that’s not even equivalent to the blink of your eye when compared to eternity. Even the lifetimes of Noah and Adam don’t count much when compared to eternity and both of them lived for more than 900 years!

I pray that everyone who reads this will seek Jesus to be their Savior soon because we are living at the edge of the Tribulation.

3 thoughts on “Are you really Okay?

  1. As if things could be hectic enough, I’m stuck in bed with a flippin’ cold again. I just got over it three weeks ago, and now here I am, back to square one!! Not to mention, I am taking the SAT tomorrow, and I was supposed to have a math test today. My biggest concern is the SAT, since I need it for college admissions, and it is a graduation requirement for my school.
    On the flip side, I am grateful that God gave me another day to shine His light. I will need to take the day to rest so I can feel better for the SAT this week. But, I am trusting God that He will give me the strength to go through this day. I pray that I would not only get the rest I need, but I would learn more about Christ and bless others during this season of tribulation that this world is facing. I pray that I will grow in character, remain steadfast in the good and bad times, and continue to encourage others in this lifelong fight against the kingdom of Satan.

      1. This is the third time this school year I’ve been sick. This is exactly what I had to deal with before quarantine. But, three weeks apart? That’s a record. That’s OK, because that cold is messing with the wrong person!

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