Do you believe in the impossible?

The whole world is waiting for something to happen. But…what is it waiting for? It isn’t a “what”, it is Who! There is only one more event that is going to get the attention of the world and that will be the return of Jesus to take His Bride, the Church, home. Can you imagine? All of the Christians of two thousand years coming out of their tombs, wherever they may be, in their resurrection bodies! That is going to be a huge crowd of people to meet Jesus in the air! Almost at the same moment, the Christians who are alive on that day and time will be changed and they will meet Him as well.

To the world’s scientists and many who do not believe in Jesus, this day is a fairytale. It is just some mythical story from an old book. But on that day when it happens…everyone who has heard of this story will see the proof before their eyes. Some will mourn because they didn’t go with their friends and family who might have disappeared in front of them. Many more people in the world will be angry and mournful because of the consequences of all of the disappearances. The car wrecks and planes crashing and many other things that happened because of those who left this world for a better one.

Many young children will be missing as well, especially infants and those who were about to be born but were taken back to heaven. Yes, they were innocent of sin and they will be taken. Life will change drastically for the world after this day and it won’t be better. If you’ve ever read about the days of tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation, this is when it will begin.

I pray that anyone who has questions about their salvation or even if they are saved through Jesus, please seek Him in prayer and through the gospels in the New Testament. Don’t wait until that day comes because we don’t know how much longer we have. I may not be alive when this happens. You may not be alive tomorrow, no one is guaranteed a certain number of years. Make sure of your salvation soon.

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