One seed can make a difference

It doesn’t take a sermon. Just saying grace over your meal in a restaurant or even a fast-food place can plant a seed. You may never know if it took root until you get to eternity. Sometimes just helping someone with their groceries can plant a seed or even a kind word.

One thought on “One seed can make a difference

  1. Tracy,
    I believe that you are planted a seed of wisdom and encouragement through your writing, and I believe that will serve you well into eternity in Heaven. You are a sweet and honest young man who is filled with such great wisdom straight from the pages of God’s sacred Word, and from those who are around you. I pray that God will continue to use you to rasse a generation that is grounded in the solid foundation of wisdom that will plant practical application of the Scriptures that is only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit. May you continue to preach the Good News to many nations as the days go forth, and may you and I continue to work together to encourage one another as we fight the good fight against Satan!

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