So much to do…

Does it seem like time is speeding up to you? It’s been feeling that way for me for a long time. Ever since my son was born the days and months just began to run together and one year went by and then every year since then has picked up speed…at least to me it seems. It seems that since he got married that time has even picked up a little bit more. This year has just sprouted wings! It feels like it was January 1st just a few weeks ago! We’re almost into April now. My birthdays get here way too quickly now so things need to slow down a bit!

I know this is just the way life is but sometimes I wonder how Adam or Methuselah could live so long and the years just seem to go by so fast. I’m only sixty years old and I used to think that someone that age was OLD!

There does seem to be so much to do and yet the time is just slipping away so fast. The time that we are living in right now is on the edge of the Tribulation. We aren’t there yet but when the church is taken up with those who have already died knowing Jesus as their Savior…it will begin. All of the things that are foretold in the book of Revelation will start to happen and it will happen FAST! I pray that you won’t waste the time that you have right now because we are not guaranteed to have tomorrow. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, please seek Him soon! You can still become a Christian after the church is gone but you will be persecuted for being His and likely killed too.

One thought on “So much to do…

  1. I cannot believe I am almost done with 11th grade! It feels like I just became a freshman in high school yesterday, and now I only have one year before I graduate! It just goes to show you that the things of this world do not last, and that tomorrow is not promised. Live your life to the fullest, be grateful for each day you’re given, and continue to walk in the light of Jesus! The rapid movement of time just goes to show that we really only have a split second to seek salvation. Just as Satan’s time lies short, our time on Earth lies short as well. This is the calm before the storm.

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