Our Companion

As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit of God living in our hearts. Jesus said that “I will send the Comforter, and He will teach you and guide you in everything.” In today’s world, we desperately need this Companion…this Comforter. We receive the Holy Spirit when we become Christians because it is His job to convict us of our need for salvation through Jesus. Once we have given our heart to Jesus the Holy Spirit takes up residence in our heart or our soul and He begins to teach us more about our Savior.

Sometimes it takes a while for us to learn from Him because we may not be ready to listen. That is a very dangerous way of living but I’ve done it and many others have as well. We accept Jesus and ask Him into our lives but we don’t fully accept Him. In reality, we aren’t actually saved at that point. We know about Him and we know that we need Him but truthfully we are not ready to give up our way of living…yet.

Sometimes we think we are saved at this point but we don’t want to study the Bible. We just want to go back the way we came and come back to Him later when we need Him. The problem with this is that Satan is going to get into your head at this point and you will hear him more strongly than you ever have. Thinking that you are saved is a dangerous place to be and Satan will convince you that you are alright but you can go back to your old life and then come to Jesus when the time is right. The problem with this is that not one of us is guaranteed to be alive tomorrow! Satan knows this but of course, he isn’t going to tell you. He wants you to die without your salvation.

When you won’t fully accept salvation through your belief in Jesus as your Savior, even when you know that you need it, you are playing a very dangerous game. When your feel that you need Jesus and you know that you are a sinner, don’t turn away from Him. Don’t go back to your life as it was…allow the Holy Spirit to change your life. It will happen a little at a time, sometimes it will happen all at once. God’s Holy Spirit will strengthen you to live in your Christian walk one day at a time and that is exactly how each of us should look at our life after we have accepted Jesus.

Wake up in the morning and thank God that you have another day to learn more about Him by reading His Word before your day begins. Thank Him for the opportunities that come during your day. Praise Him on your way home from work because He has kept you safe today and made your day a success. Some days won’t feel like a success, but unless your Spirit is telling you it was a failure then it was a success. God’s version of success is very different from the way we look at it. Your conduct today may have impacted someone’s life today and you might not know it.

It takes reading God’s Word on a daily basis with the Holy Spirit teaching it to you and helping you to understand what you are reading. One verse at a time, one chapter at a time, God will help you to understand it well enough that you will be able to use it in every situation in your life. Walk with His Holy Spirit from the time you wake up until you go to sleep at night because He is the One that loves you above and beyond every person that you meet. God sent Jesus to pay your debt of sin because He values you and He loves you just that much.

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