Him only shall you serve

Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; Him shalt thou serve, and to Him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name. Deuteronomy 10:20 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/deu.10.20.KJV

There is life everlasting in the name of Jesus, yet our world doesn’t want to hear this today. Mainly because those who are in the world and not a part of the church can’t see much difference between the people in the church and those outside it. Why aren’t we, as Christians, trying to live our lives as a reflection of Jesus instead of a reflection of the world around us? This is not the way that Jesus wanted His church to be.

We are supposed to live as a reflection of Him on a daily basis, not just on Sundays or holidays. We are supposed to take the example that He set for His disciples and be that example to those outside the church so that they will want to know Him as their Savior. If people know that you attend church regularly and then see or hear you acting outside the church like someone who doesn’t know Jesus as their Savior…why would they want what you say you have?

Your life as a Christian is not going to be a perfect reflection of Jesus but you should at least try to live your daily life as one of His disciples! This is why you hear so many people saying that they won’t attend that church because there are too many hypocrites in it. Some won’t come to church because someone said something to them in the wrong tone years ago or they criticized the way they were dressed. Jesus accepted anyone regardless of their status or their clothes and we should do the same.

In the parable of the banquet, this parable was spoken to the guests at the Pharisee’s banquet. Jesus had noticed them picking out the places of honor for themselves, and this prompted the parable.

Jesus presents to them an imaginary or hypothetical banquet scene in which they themselves figure. Suppose they presume to take the high place reserved for the guest of honor. Then they may be asked to move to a less honored place, and thus be disgraced and embarrassed. However, if they choose to sit in the lowest place, they will likely be asked to take a more honored position and this will reflect their credit.

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