Come as you are

We are all sinners when God touches our hearts and then we see the true nature of our sins. We are sinners and nothing more until we are changed by the Holy Spirit. It is the touch of God’s Holy Spirit that begins the change in our hearts and it is at this point that we realize how much we truly need Him as our Savior.

God’s love for us is so deep and so encompassing that we cannot understand it. Anyone who has been touched by Him can tell you that the depth of His love cannot be understood by mankind. But it was this love of His that sent Jesus to Bethlehem as a baby so He could truly understand our condition by experiencing all of our pains and sorrows Himself. It was this compassion that kept Jesus on the cross and, during His ministry, caused Him to be favorable to those who needed Him the most.

God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people has always been evident in how He saved them from Egypt and how He took care of them during their travels in the wilderness. Yet, He knew that they would stray from His commandments after entering their Promised land. He always kept a remnant who didn’t follow other gods or defile themselves in other ways and He brought them back to Himself. But when you read the Old Testament, you get the feeling that they didn’t appreciate His care for them. Sometimes it seemed that they didn’t recognize that He cared for them at all.

God created this universe for us to see Him in everything around us. From the smallest animals to the mighty Sequoia that stands high in the mountains. His creative fingerprint is everywhere but there are so many today who refuse to see it and acknowledge Him as the Creator. I pray that you will pick up a Bible soon, even if it is just the New Testament, read it and seek Him as your Savior.

5 thoughts on “Come as you are

      1. Someone allegedly admit that you must “stop sinning” to be saved rather than coming as you are. That where it came from. Not saying it is actually correct, but what are your thoughts on his presentation?

      2. I couldn’t see anything when I tried to look at it that’s why I sent the question mark. We don’t stop sinning to be saved, because we’re human. I still say things or think things that I shouldn’t but Jesus paid for your sins and mine completely. We’re forgiven, so when we slip up we just need to confess it and get on with trying to be like Him with the Holy Spirit helping us. That’s the only way we can live a life even close to being holy.

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