Come to the Living Water

Jesus, the Living Water, came to us to redeem and refresh and bring Life to everyone who will believe. The Son of God was separated from His Father while He hung on that cross for you and for me and for the whole world. He had never been separated from God the Father but for those few hours that He took our sins…He was. During that time He took the sins of the entirety of the human race and He bore those sins and their consequences on Himself. The pain, the heartache, and the guilt of ALL of humanity’s sins.

He also endured the rejection of His people and all of the punishment of the scourging and the nails and the agony of having to raise Himself up, on His nail-pierced feet in order to breathe and to say the words that needed to be spoken before He gave up His spirit. He gave His life so that we could have an abundant eternal life with Him. It isn’t a promise of wealth or privilege, it is much more than that. It is the promise of eternity in His Presence. Don’t turn away from Him when you feel His call on your heart and your life. Drink deeply of the river of living water from Him.

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