Bring forth fruit…

Bring forth, therefore, fruits meet for repentance: Matthew 3:8 KJV

When you have given your heart to Jesus and He has changed your heart to be His, this is the beginning of your walk through life with Him. It is still your choice to turn away from your old life and your old way of doing things, God does not force you to leave your friends behind but if you truly are changed then you won’t be the same person ever again.

Many people seem to think that they are Christians because they grew up in church or because they had an emotional experience at a revival and said the right words and were baptized. You can go through the motions and still not be saved. Because it is the Holy Spirit that should’ve convicted you that you NEED Jesus, not your emotions. Genuine repentance and conviction of your sinful nature will truly bother you IF you go back to living and being the person that you were before.

You cannot be a “little bit Christian” any more than someone can be a “little bit pregnant”! You either are or you’re not!

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