Do not be afraid

Joshua had to take over the leadership role of Moses after his death. Wow! Talk about some big shoes to fill. That is why God was telling him to be strong and courageous and that He would never leave Him. So, why can’t we, as Christians, learn from Joshua’s experience and be courageous in our faith and our life? Sometimes we are but until we learn to be bold as well as courageous, most of us just hide in the background and let someone else be bold.

What would’ve happened if Peter had not been bold on the day of Pentecost? The day of Pentecost wouldn’t have had much to show anyone if he and the rest of the disciples had not been bold. While it is true that the Holy Spirit is what made them bold, if they had not followed the lead of the Holy Spirit there would’ve been no New Covenant church. All of the Christians over the past two thousand years would have never come to know Jesus as their Savior.

The Holy Spirit gives us strength and knowledge today so that we can be bold in our faith. I pray that anyone who is looking for their Savior will seek Him in Jesus Christ because there is no other Name that can bring eternal salvation to you along with eternal peace and assurance.

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