Walk with Christ through the Bible

How do I do this? I gave my heart to Jesus over thirty years ago (I think). Why do I not know the exact date? Because I have known about God and Jesus for many years, but that’s not enough. I had to have the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to come into my heart, not to give me the gift of tongues as some believe is necessary. The Holy Spirit did change my heart so that I could be used as a pastor for almost ten years. So…what happened? When did this change take place? My only answer is that it happened when I fasted for a month on juice and water in January of 2011. I have never felt as healthy since then but during that time…I can’t explain it.

Fasting by itself does heal some areas of your body because your body isn’t having to process food anymore but my only explanation is the Holy Spirit was working inside me and through me. I prayed for a friend of mine who had just had an operation of some sort and he came home and couldn’t keep his food down. While I prayed for him I felt something go through my arm that was touching him and I found out later that he didn’t have any more trouble eating and keeping it down. God did that!

Ever since then I have read through the Bible at least once every year from Genesis to Revelation. As soon as I finish I may take a day or so but then I start over because I have grown so used to reading His Word until a day without it feels useless and empty. You might ask me “Don’t you get tired of reading the same thing over and over again?”; I would have to say, “No, I don’t”. Because God’s word really is the living Word, Jesus Christ, so the message is about Him from the beginning to the end. It is hard to see in some books like Numbers or Leviticus since they are dealing with the duties of the priests but He is still present in every book in either a type or a representation in the book. When you re-read Scripture like I do, whether you intend to memorize it or not it will take root in your mind and your heart. God wants you to write His Words in your heart and keep them so you will have them to defend yourself when they are needed. He will bring them to your mind so that you will not be confounded by someone trying to trick you.

Adam was a type of Christ, Abel was too. Enoch was a selected type because God took him to be in heaven. Noah was a type of Christ, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were types of Christ. Joseph was a type of Christ, Moses was a type of Christ. Wherever you see the word angel written with a capital A, that was the pre-incarnate Christ visiting His people. So as you can see, Christ or a type of Him is present from the very beginning and He never really leaves His people without His Presence in some form.

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