What will you do?

There will be a day sometime soon when the church will leave in the twinkle of an eye. That is faster than a blink. You may be talking with someone and in between words and the blink of your eyes…they’re gone and all that is left is their clothes and their watch or phone. Will you know what happened? Will you wonder about it or have you heard this story before? There will be many millions of people missing and there will be many car wrecks and planes crashing on that day. The news will be so busy reporting all of these disappearances that they may not realize that some of their crew is missing.

What will that day look like around the world? It will likely be chaotic with many people missing and so many wondering why wasn’t I among the number that was taken? Others will be asking why were they taken in the first place? There will also be many mothers who will lose their young children and babies right in the delivery room because they are still innocent in the eyes of God.

There will be many people in the world who will be asking many questions and some who do have the answers but the time to make the decision about your eternity is not after the Rapture has happened but before…like today! Have you put it off because you enjoy living without “rules” to ruin your nightlife? Have you just decided that being a Christian is too much to ask right now? The day of salvation is today, not tomorrow. No one is guaranteed to live a certain number of years, so even tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Make sure of your eternal home today because on that day when all of the world is wondering what happened you want to be included in the group that was taken. What comes next for the rest of the world will be like hell on Earth for seven years.


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