Another year is gone…

Last year all of us wondered if there would be another year ahead but God gave us another year to be useful. Have you used this past year to be useful to Him? If you didn’t then you may have another year ahead to be used in His Kingdom to bring His message to those who need to hear it. Everyone who claims to have Jesus as their Savior is supposed to be His feet and His messengers to a lost and dying world. To those who go to church when they feel like it or even to those who have been members of a church for their whole life…you may be Christians IF you have accepted Jesus as your Savior. But sitting in a church for more than five or ten years doesn’t make you a Christian and just showing up when you feel like it doesn’t either. Salvation is found only in a solid belief in Jesus Christ as your Savior. When His Holy Spirit has convicted you of your need for Him and you give your heart to Him and you turn away from your old life and begin studying the Bible so you know Him better…that’s when your life changes!

There aren’t a ton of rules in being a Christian but you will find out what God blesses and what He doesn’t care for when you study His Word. So when you know His likes and His dislikes then you adjust your life to follow Him. That’s how you live your life trying to be more like Jesus every day. Yes, we fail at being like Him every day but we are trying with the Holy Spirit giving us strength to follow Him. Do we fall and fail to be like Him? Of course, we do many times a day…but at least we are trying to be better than we were and we can only do that with Him as our Savior.

Make this next year your best year as a follower of Jesus so that others can tell that you are a Christian even if you don’t tell them you are. Happy New Year!!

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