Forgiveness and surrender

What is the difference between a lost person who doesn’t know Jesus and a Christian? The Christian has surrendered their life to Christ and has been forgiven and the lost person has not. So, what can we do? Tell people about Jesus! Tell them how He has brought joy into our lives because He provided a way for us to be forgiven. Jesus came to bring this good news, the gospel, to everyone who will receive it and it is a free gift from God by His grace to those who will accept it.

Jesus can tell us through the Word and then we are supposed to take that news to others. Your friends, your family, or anyone who will listen. They all need to hear it. Some will accept it and gladly give their hearts to Jesus and some will not but unless they hear it or read it somewhere from someone…they will never know the joy of knowing Him! God loves His creation and He loves all of us. He may not be happy with the way some of us live or the way we teach our children to live but He still loves us.

That is exactly why He sent Jesus to live among us and be the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world. So that we could have a life after this one and into eternity with Him. Unless others know about Him and the grace that is offered through our belief in Jesus as our Savior, our eternity will be very different than the future that Jesus told His disciples about. I pray that anyone who reads this will seek Him out as your Savior and give your life to Him today. We are not promised tomorrow so make your decision as soon as possible. He is coming for His Bride and only those who have given their hearts to Him will be going when that trumpet sounds one day.

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