When we are at our worst…

God still loves us. Even if we haven’t accepted Him as our Savior yet, He still loves us. When we have finally accepted Him as our Savior and Lord…His love surrounds us and binds us to Him for eternity. That is how awesome our God is!

Even though we may not feel like being loved, God loves us. When we are depressed about something in our lives or we just wake up feeling down…God still loves us. Our feelings and our outlook on our lives don’t have any impact on His love toward us because He loved us long before we were even born.

Don’t think of your life as if it doesn’t have any meaning because I have those days too. Think about your life as if it was a new life every morning. God gives each of us another day to live and be useful to Him, so when you wake up thank Him for the day and whatever comes in that day. He may use your outlook on life to bring someone to know Jesus as their Savior, even if you don’t get a chance to witness to them. They may see His work in your life and decide that He is needed in their life as well.

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