The deep love of God

According to David in the Psalms, God’s love is unknowable and it is beyond our comprehension. If you are in hell, His love is still there. If you are on a mountain, He is there. If you are in the depths of the ocean, He is there. His love is everywhere that you are because He loves you. So why does the whole world act as if God is a Bad Person? The whole world seems to think that God doesn’t care about His Creation at all. 

If God didn’t care about His Creation, everything in the universe would just vanish into nothing. “He holds all that exists by His Word”; the entire universe is held together by His power. Nothing that we see or know would exist, not even us, if He did not have the power to keep it all together.

Your life and mine, the fish in the sea and the birds of the air are all a part of His daily work. Not because He has to do it but because He wants to keep creation going until His Word is fulfilled. God has decreed that until everything is accomplished that He intended for His creation, not one part of His Word would be nullified.

God knew each of us before the Garden was created or the Earth or anything in the universe so why do we doubt Him in everything that He says in His Word? Jesus came to save mankind from themselves and from their sinful ways. He came to give us a chance and a choice but there are so many who either don’t want His offer of grace and mercy or they don’t believe in Him, to begin with. “A fool says in his heart that there is no God”; what does that say about most of the world?

Our country and the entire world are running as fast as possible away from God. The problem with this is the same problem that the prophet Jonah had. When you try to run from God, you usually run into Him. You can’t run from God!

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