God’s timing

We need to learn how to wait for God’s timing. It’s not easy, but the church needs to learn how to wait. Why do I say it that way? Because many in the church have gotten tired of waiting it seems. Many churches are teaching a doctrine that is very different from what is written in God’s Word simply because of the time that has passed since Jesus left to be at the Father’s side. Now, I am not trashing or trying to judge any church or pastor in any way. The times that we live in today should be pointing us toward Jesus’ return and it will be sooner than most think.

God’s timing is His timing because He is trying to save as many people in the world as possible. He is doing this because of His love for us…all of us. It doesn’t matter what country or religion they are, they are His creation and they are His children. He will bring as many to know Jesus as possible and He knows exactly how to bring them to know Jesus! It is also our job as His church to tell others about Him too…but are we doing that?

I pray that anyone who reads this will take His Word to those who need Him. In your family or your neighborhood or around the world if you post your Savior on FB or somewhere. Everyone needs to know Him. God’s timing is always perfect so be looking for Him in the sky one day soon.

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