A follower of Jesus

A Follower of Jesus

Are you born again Jn 3:3

Make prayer a daily habit Luke 6:12

Listen to Him Matt 17:5

Believe Him Jn 3:16

Obey Him Jn 8:12

Love Him Mark 12:30

Share Him Matthew 28:19

Serve Him Jn 12:26

Suffer for Him Phil. 1:29

All of these are the characteristics of a person who has become a follower of Jesus. IF you have given your heart to Jesus fully and completely, then you are a follower of Him. Is this required of us in this life? Yes, if you are a Christian in the most total sense of the word. The only time that we have to indeed be His follower is in this life while we are alive on Earth. Is this an easy task for us? Not in today’s climate of the “cancel culture” and other so-called “woke” attitudes, but during this time our world needs to see what a true follower of God lives their life like in this fallen world.

Being an active follower of Jesus and a Christian in our society today has even labeled us as “terrorists” from some people’s point of view. We truly are living in the end times as spoken of and foretold by our Lord, Jesus. How much longer will we live in this time we don’t know. It could be a few months or it could be a few years or even decades but I don’t think it will be the latter.

There are too many forces working toward a climax in our world. War, disease, economic collapse, or all of the above could be our downfall soon. Look up and be ready.

A true follower of Jesus needs to study God’s Word to be equipped as a representative of Him to answer the questions of those who do not know Jesus as their Savior. There are many today who have turned away from their faith out of fear. They are afraid of this “new” disease, COVID-19 and its mutated variants, because gathering in groups has caused spikes in the number of infected people. Many people have left the church and have not come back because of this. God can and will protect those who depend upon Him and seek His wisdom in this time of “crisis”.

Can a follower of Jesus be an effective tool for Him during this time? Yes, if we will seek His face and read and study His Word. Even a little bit of study of a few verses or a chapter each day is enough to give us better insight into the time that we live in today. I pray that anyone reading this who does not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will seek Him today and then learn of Him from His Word so that you can take His message to others while there is still time.

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