The time is getting closer

Jesus told His disciples what would begin just as the last days were coming to pass. Men would be running to and fro and knowledge would be increased. Mankind would be lovers of themselves and diseases would be rampant upon the Earth along with wars happening everywhere. Most of what I’ve written is from Daniel chapter 9 and 12 but Jesus told of these things as well. Our time is drawing down just as a well gets more shallow when there hasn’t been any rain, so the time of grace and the church age is coming to a close.

Just as God saved Noah from the flood, the church will be taken up from the Earth before the Tribulation begins. Some say that the first three and a half years will be Satan’s wrath poured out against the church and Israel and that the church won’t leave until that is done but ALL of the seven years were prophesied for the sons of Abraham, not the church. God uses that time to punish and teach them that their Messiah has come and they rejected Him. God knows His own and He will punish those who have hurt any of the Jewish people.

Life on Earth is going to become very difficult and painful during the Tribulation but God will cut that time short so that there will be a remnant of those who belong to Him. Jesus taught in Matthew 24 about the way the world would be at the end of the age. His disciples wanted to know when this would happen and the only sign that was given was the budding of the fig tree. The fig tree represents Israel and when they became a nation in 1948, that was when the clock began ticking for the countdown toward the Tribulation. Then in 1967, Israel won the war to rejoin Jerusalem and now it is their capital.

So many prophecies have come to pass in the last seventy years until there is only one left that will stun the world…the taking up of the church. When that day comes there will be no doubt among those who have attended a church service or have read their Bible concerning what has happened. They will know and if they were left here, it will be a sad day. Because even if they thought they were Christians they will know that they were only fooling themselves. God knows your heart and He knows exactly who has given their lives to Jesus and who has not.

Anyone who reads this should truly search their lives and their soul and make sure today that Jesus knows you as well as you may know Him. If your knowledge is only knowing about Him, that isn’t enough.

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