Wait on God’s timing

This is the one thing that this generation has a lot of trouble with. They’re used to microwave food, single serve coffee in a minute or two, instant oatmeal, etc. Why can’t we learn to wait? Think about how long the Church has been waiting for the return of Jesus Christ! That’s why many people don’t think He’s coming back. It’s been over two thousand years, that proves that the Bible is just an old book. He’s not coming back!

The only proof that this amount of time has gone past is that God is patient and waiting for all of those who will give their lives and their hearts to Jesus before He comes for the Redeemed of Earth, the true Church. He is not slack in His timing but He is patient because of His love toward us. After all, He sent Jesus to die and pay the penalty of our sins in order that everyone might have a chance at eternity with Him.

But…there are many even within the Church who have not given their hearts to Jesus. They go through the motions and say all of the right words but their heart isn’t in it. Many of them are trying to uphold the “light that is in them” on their own strength rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to change their hearts and live through them. We are not able to live as Christ lived without the Holy Spirit giving us the strength and changing our hearts to be more like Him, but many people try to do it all the time.

There are others, usually young people, who think that because they grew up in the church or their family went to church regularly that they are saved. They believe this because they know some Scripture and they attend church more than once a month or because they’ve “always been in the church”. It is a false statement and a lie that Satan is telling them. He is getting them to believe this and many are, but it is leading them down the wrong pathway.

Just because one path is rough and hard to follow and one is smooth and easy doesn’t mean that the easy one is the best one. Satan will lead you down a smooth pathway and it may be close to the rough path but it will eventually veer off toward a wider path that leads to hell. Make sure of the pathway that you are on and that it is following Jesus toward the reward that we all desire. Life with Him.

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