We are made new!

As a deer pants for a stream of water, so my soul longs for You, O God” Psalm 42:1

Have you ever been outside in the heat of summer and you got so thirsty you felt that you couldn’t go on without a cool, glass of water? That is exactly the feeling that David is conveying in this Psalm! As His creation and His redeemed followers, we should seek Him, in the same way, every day! One day of attending church services in the morning or evening just isn’t enough. Our life as Christians should reflect our need for Him and His Presence every day. As Paul wrote, “we should press onward to our heavenly calling

This life and the daily grind that it is should not be our only goal. Having enough “stuff” or enough money or a bigger house than our neighbor shouldn’t be our goal in this life. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior those things could be your goal and sometimes you might feel that it is enough. But consider just how short this life is and the things that we strive for are temporary. Your life and mine only last for seven or eight decades, some do live for nine or even ten by the grace of God, but who gets your stuff when you are gone? When God calls your soul into His Presence, what happens to your house or your car or your land? Will it stay in your family or will it be sold to someone else?

Our life should reflect Who we are. Do we belong to Jesus and He to us? Could someone who doesn’t know you tell by your speech and your actions if you are truly born again through His blood? Would there be enough evidence in your life and mine to convict us of being Christians? If there is any doubt about this in your mind, you might want to pray about it today and seek out the proof of it. If the proof isn’t there then you need to get in touch with your Creator and have a serious heart to soul meeting with Him.

Our life here is just a practice session for our eternity. Whatever you do here, whether it is for yourself or for God, makes a significant difference in where you will spend eternity. Your life and mine aren’t much more than a period at the end of this sentence. Especially when you compare, say 100 years to even one million years. One million years is only one drop in the time frame of eternity. We look at life and all of the little things in it as being precious to us because what we experience today won’t be repeated again. Your footsteps never touch the same parcel of grass again, no matter how many times you walk over your pasture in this life.

Make absolutely sure of your place in God’s Kingdom here and now because the tick of the clock only passes this place during that tick and it will never be here again.

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