Cry unto the Lord

Our nation has come to an anniversary that we need to come back to the Lord our Comforter. The Sunday after the attack on 9/11/01 nearly every church was full with people seeking answers from God. As the weeks went by and turned into months people went back to their work and their lives and seemed to forget the One Who is in control of all on the Earth whether good or evil. We remember those who died in the attack twenty years ago but we have moved even farther away from God in the last two decades. Why?

I believe that it is because most of the world, including America, doesn’t want to believe in God and His truth. The Word of God is true because it was given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Men could not have written all of the books in the Bible on their own because it tells of our Redeemer from the beginning all the way to the end. There is wisdom and history and poetry and prophecies contained within its pages, yet every page points toward the Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is His name, Jesus, which causes so much division and hatred to be piled on the church and the believers in the church. Even He said that we would be hated because of His name. This is why much of the Middle East is in such turmoil and has been that way for many, many years. Religion will cause men to do many terrible things but the relationship that we have with Jesus is not a religion…it is our belief and a relationship that other religions do not have within their belief system. God loves each of us not because of anything that we have done, because He loves His creation and in particular mankind because He made us in His image.

We did not evolve from apes, as the religion of evolutionism says. Why do I call the theory of evolution a religion? Because you have to have a tremendous amount of faith to believe all of its claims. Even more faith than I can muster, although I do have faith in Jesus and in God and His Word because I believe it is the truth because the Spirit of God gave the words and the prophecies to men who wrote them down so we could read them and learn from them. I pray that everyone who reads this blog will seek out Jesus as your Savior today because life is so brief and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

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