Problems? We all have ’em

Life is full of problems from the time you know what they are but can we do anything about them? Some of them we can but most of the real problems that we encounter in life need to be handled by God. Even Jesus told His disciples that some of the miracles that they tried to do needed fasting and prayer before the miracle could be accomplished. Some days we wake up with our problems and some nights we go to bed with them but the best that we can do is often not enough. That’s when we should seek out God and His wisdom because He is bigger than any problem or disease that comes along.

God is on your side regardless of the circumstances facing you. Whatever they might be He knows and He listens to your prayers. He may not answer them in the way that you want or as quickly but He will answer them. If you don’t know God or Jesus as your Savior then you need to pray even more earnestly for that to happen soon. The “church age” or the age of Grace is coming to an end and it will likely be in our lifetime. Make sure that you get to know Him and that He knows you too before this life is over because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

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