So much to do…

How can I put this? The number of people who need to be reached seems to be growing beyond the ability of the workers that are available. Why? Because there are fewer believers willing to get the message to them regardless of the method used. Yes, there are plenty of “ministries” that are working around the world to reach the lost with His Message but there are still more at home who need to hear it too! Jesus came as a child…a baby in a manger and grew up as a Jewish kid learning the carpentry trade from His Earthly father, Joseph. Many sermons don’t tell this because after the time that His parents found Him in the Temple we rarely hear about His childhood or the vocation of Joseph. It seems to belittle or make a light thing out of His early life that He learned from Joseph.

While it is true that Jesus came as the Son of God, He was raised and taught the Torah by His Earthly father. Joseph also taught Him about being a Jew and living by the Laws of Moses and all of the Ten Commandments. I’ve heard some preachers and others say that Jesus was the Living Word, He didn’t need to be taught like other children. Why not? Just because He was the Living Word doesn’t mean that He was born with all of the knowledge of the Old Testament packed inside His brain. Jesus had to learn just like all the other Jewish boys His age although He did have the Holy Spirit to guide Him and give Him deeper insight into the Word that He was learning.

The Christian church needs to seek God’s Wisdom in our daily lives so that we can take His Wisdom with us everywhere we go. People need to see it in our lives and hear it in our speech so they will know that we belong to Jesus. Your life as a Christian is one that begins when you give your life to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you for all of your sins. Then you have to learn as much as you can every day from that point forward in God’s Word so you will know His voice when He speaks to you. Learn about Him and then tell others about Him too!

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