Jesus is God!

There are three Persons of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All of them are powerful, loving, and omniscient in power and glory. All of them had a part in Creation on the first day and from that point on they have worked to bring humanity to know Them, yet we have tried to hide from them. We have tried to get rid of any mention of them in education and we want to limit any reference to the Word, the Bible, that is God’s Word. He expresses His love for mankind throughout the Bible. He also expresses His sorrow at the ways that we move away from Him, so why are we surprised when calamities come from natural weather and from mankind who ignore His teachings?

Today, many people don’t go to church, yet we wonder why so many problems and diseases are so rampant in our world today? We have pushed God out of education and out of many homes as well, yet when tragedy strikes, where do people go for comfort and sometimes repentance? One of the times that the churches were full was the Sunday after 9/11 but we didn’t truly humble our lives to God. We demanded why did this happen? God doesn’t owe you or me an explanation for anything that He does to get our attention. For some people, it worked and for some, it drove them from the church.

God is The Creator and our Redeemer, He doesn’t owe you or me anything. We owe Him EVERYTHING!

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