Ephesians 4:32: 32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

Do you think about this? Does forgiveness cross your mind when someone else does something against you? Forgiveness is not natural for us. Asking for forgiveness is something that we do, as Christians. Even asking for forgiveness is not natural for humanity because we don’t see our flaws or our sins until the Holy Spirit shows you what you have done or said. Believe me, it is hard to catch those thoughts and sometimes the actions, if we let the thought stay long enough, because thoughts become sinful action if you allow it to take root in your mind.

It doesn’t take long. Only a few seconds and sometimes, just that fast, you will act on that thought. Sometimes, the words will spill out of your mouth before you can get them back. Once they are out there is no remedy for the hurt and pain that is caused except to ask forgiveness from the one you have wronged. Sometimes asking for forgiveness can be a slippery slope if you try to do so too soon. The pain and the hurt feelings are too raw for someone to even think about forgiving you. You may want to patch things up quickly but sometimes that could be the worst decision to make.

Forgiveness is something that is completely foreign to most in our society today. Living today with our world the way it is hard to do unless you are a Christian. Even if you are a Christian, it is hard to forgive sometimes but through the work of the Holy Spirit we can. Jesus came to provide the way for us to be reconciled with God through His blood, all we have to do is accept His sacrifice for us and repent of our sins and then follow Him and we will be in His family.

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