When you are at your lowest…

God never leaves your side! He is always there regardless of the day that you are having. You can’t see Him but if you have given your life and your heart to Jesus, He is only a prayer away. It doesn’t have to be a King James prayer either. Something as simple as “GOD! I need You!”, your Spirit will pray for you even when you can’t think of the words to say or if you can’t speak at all. God is there!

In the book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, he never let his faith wither and die. Even when he had boils on his body and had lost everything that he had, Job still didn’t blame God for his troubles. Did he cry out to God? Absolutely! Did he speak to God in a tone that was disrespectful? A couple of times, but Job was human. He was in pain and had suffered many losses. His children and his wealth all gone in one day. How many of us could’ve gone through that without blaming God or turning away from God? In today’s society I am not sure that there would be many people able to be strong in their faith like Job.

I read that right now there are fewer than 50% of Americans who attend church or even believe in God and that is a frightening statistic. Even after World War 2 the percentage of people of faith was about 72% or more. We are truly living in the last days before the Tribulation prophesied in the book of Revelation. Life on Earth is not going to get better in the next decade or so, it will get much worse. I pray that anyone who reads this blog with an open mind will seek out Jesus as their Savior. God has not given up on us and He knows all of your secrets and your failures but He also sees your potential and He knows exactly what you are able to do.

God’s Holy Spirit will strengthen you and give you the words and the ability to be a powerful voice for Him no matter where you live and work. Everything that you say or do is being watched if you claim to be a Christian. People you don’t even know watch you to see if you are true to Jesus and your claim as a Christian. Especially if you wear a shirt or some jewelry that identifies you as a believer. Don’t be ashamed of your faith. Wear it proudly so it can be seen. Someone else may see it and they might not say anything to you but it will plant a seed in their heart that they should see who Jesus is and maybe they will become a Christian too.

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