When you desire Him…

Many people seem to think that this means you can get everything you want from God, but that’s not the message in this verse. The message is when you desire God and His ways more than your own, He will give you the desires of your heart. In other words, when your desires and God’s desires for you line up together you will get the assured promises that He wants for you.

Living your life here as if God owes you something is the biggest lie that Satan ever put into the world. God doesn’t owe us anything but we owe Him everything! He provides the air that we breathe and the sunlight for our world to produce food along with the rain to grow all of the vegetables and herbs which make our food taste good. Seek your salvation in Jesus Christ and your appreciation for Him will be more than you can understand. He gives us the joy that our soul seeks every day and the assurance that eternity is with Him.

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