What do you believe?

Do you believe?

You might ask me, “What do you mean…do I believe?” If you have faith in God and what He can do and has done, do you believe in Jesus for your salvation? There are many in America who claim to know Jesus but many only know about Him. The salvation that they need…that we all need is found only when you follow Him every day. Knowing about Jesus from hearing a sermon or going to Sunday school or a Bible study is better than the alternative but even the demons in hell and Satan himself knows about Jesus.

After Jesus came back from the dead Thomas didn’t believe…wouldn’t believe until he saw Him with his own eyes and touched Him. Jesus said to him “blessed are they who will believe even though they don’t see Me”. I know that I paraphrased His answer to Thomas but only His disciples saw Him in the flesh and those who listened to His teachings. We are separated by two thousand years from His physical presence and yet there are many that have come to know Him and are still coming to know Him as their Savior today!

How is this possible? Because the Holy Spirit and God the Father cause it to be so. We are drawn to the saving knowledge of Jesus as our Savior not because of our choice one day but by the Holy Spirit convicting us to realize that we need salvation in the first place. Without that conviction we, including me, would still be lost and living our lives as sinners just as we were before. But God saw that I could be useful in His Kingdom in some small way and He called me, touched me and convicted me to come to Jesus for my salvation. It was not my decision alone!

When someone realizes that they are in need of salvation all they need to do is confess their sins and ask Jesus to come into their heart and their life to change their life completely. Being a true follower of Jesus, one who knows Him as their Savior truly will be changed from the inside so that others will know for sure that they cannot explain. You will never be the same again because as Paul wrote, “you will be a new creation“. Your old way of life has passed away when you accept Jesus as your Savior, so make sure that you read the Bible prayerfully and thank Him for saving you from your sins every day.

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