Scientists say that the universe seems to be winding down. Winding down to what exactly? Well, the answer to that would require you to have faith in the One Who made all of it. The Bible is full of prophecies and the only ones that haven’t come to pass yet are the ones in the book of Revelation. Truly, there is nothing standing in the way of His return except He may be waiting for one more soul to decide to follow Him. That’s about all that could keep Him from calling His Bride, the church, home.

Time is winding down to the “end of the age”, the church age, and that is where we are right now. How much more time do we have? I haven’t a clue. It could be a day or a week or six months or three years, only God knows the exact day and hour. We should be doing the work that Jesus gave us to do until that day comes. Keep looking for Him, studying His Word and be in prayer for those who haven’t made the decision to follow Him yet because it could be someone you know that is the last person that God is waiting on.

The parable of the ten virgins tells us what we need to do and that is be prepared for His return at the time of His return. You can’t get ready when the trumpet sounds, you have be ready when it sounds. Because once the call goes out for those who have passed on before us to rise and then those of us who are alive will meet them and the Lord in the air, there will be no getting ready. It will happen “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” and then we will be gone.

At that time…the world will change so drastically from that day on until the Earth will not seem to be the same place at all. From that point things will get progressively worse for those who are left. God has not forgotten you and you can still give your life and heart to Him but it will be much more difficult. People will turn in their own family to the authorities when Christian beliefs are outlawed. Many other things will happen during those seven years after the taking away of the church and all of them are outlined in the book of Revelation.

I pray that anyone who has not made their decision to follow Jesus and have Him come into their heart and change them will do so…soon. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so make sure of your salvation while you can.

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