This is a word that is not heard much in the media today whether it is the news or on social sites. It is a rare word in today’s society period. But what does it say about a person if it is used about them? Do they stay out of the spotlight or never seek fame of any kind? That is a type of humility I suppose. What about the “knowing your limitations” type of humility and not bragging about your abilities? Rather…not bragging at all. That is also a type of humility.

Moses was said to be the most humble man in the Bible yet Jesus was even more so. During his time, Moses was the most humble (meek) man on the face of the Earth. When Jesus came He became the most humble of all because of his humanity but also because of Who He was. He was humble because He needed to be not because He had to be. He was and is the Son of God after all and His humility helped Him to be under the authority of the Father.

God needs people to be meek/humble because our temper sometimes flares up and it can cause all kinds of problems. Meekness doesn’t mean weak, it is strength under control and that is what humility is as well. Your strength and pride under the control of the Holy Spirit and not your own. People who allow God’s Holy Spirit into their lives to change them and use them as the apostles were have to be humble in this way. It isn’t a sign of weakness and it isn’t a “false” humility either.

Being used by God for His Kingdom’s purposes is exactly what we are called to do and to be…useful to Him. So why are there so many who claim to belong to Jesus but never show any fruit of the Spirit in their lives? Only God knows the real truth of that. He is the only Person that knows your heart and whether or not it truly belongs to Jesus. Some people have the gift of discernment but it isn’t accurate enough to see your heart’s condition. God knows who will accept Jesus fully as their Savior and Lord and who will not. Many of those who do not actually think that they did because of their place in the church or their “feelings” but that isn’t how it works.

God loves each of us because He has known each of us since the foundation of the world. He has known your future decisions and Who you will choose to follow and He knows that your decision will be one that will bring Him honor and glory through Jesus Christ. Does that mean that we have to come to Him? Eventually, but there are some who will resist and may even back away from the call of the Holy Spirit and at that point they have committed the sin for which there is no forgiveness. Because once you have felt His touch in your heart and know that you need Him only to turn away there will never be another time that your heart will change that decision. So…make the right one before it is too late.

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