What kind of mask do you wear?

In our societies all over this world we are afraid of a virus and it’s “offspring” so we wear masks to protect us from them. But have you ever considered the kind of mask that we wear around each other because of religion? Our religious masks make us seem to be “Christians” so we pull them out and wear them on the days that we feel like it such as on Sunday morning or Easter or Christmas but when we leave the company of those we are in at those times we take the mask off. We are ashamed of being identified with Jesus Christ outside of church so we remove the mask and just be ourselves until we either need God’s help or we feel like being a “christian” again for a time.

What will this mask accomplish? Nothing for your eternal salvation that’s for sure. It will only make those who know you feel that being a Christian is useless and hypocritical because it isn’t real. That is the way the world looks at the church and Christians in particular because of Who we claim to believe in and follow. This mask of religion has changed the view of those outside of the church because of this. Religion doesn’t save you.

The mask of religion makes us look very convincing as a Christian but our heart hasn’t been changed! Because with the mask of religion on we haven’t really given our heart to Jesus Christ! Why? Because, like the Pharisees we don’t think we need salvation nor do we need Jesus Christ. This mask causes many people to think that they are saved and that they are Christians but in truth it is a lie of Satan. He knows it and he laughs about it every Sunday in church.

So, how can we get rid of this mask and become Christians for real? First, we have to admit that we need Jesus Christ as our savior and then make Him to focus of our daily lives. Seek to follow Him in prayer and study His Word a little every day because if we don’t we will be living a lie to the outside world and to God as well. We will be behind the mask all over again. What difference does studying God’s Word make in your life and mine? Because it gets your mind and heart in tune with God and His voice so that whenever He speaks to you one day, you will know Who is speaking!

The closer that you draw to Him through reading His Word the closer He will be in your mind and heart to give you strength and purpose to serve in His Kingdom here as well as into eternity. The words that you read in the Bible were inspired by God’s Holy Spirit so they read your spiritual condition while you are reading them. They will be there in your mind when needed even if you haven’t “committed them to memory”, the Holy Spirit will bring them to your mind when you need them. I pray that all who read this may feel the love of God in their hearts and turn to Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, for salvation. Amen

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