What if?

In the story of Job, he went through some terrible hardships because God wanted to show Satan that His servant was faithful no matter what. God blessed Job with twice as much wealth and gave him a good long life after he proved his faithfulness through his trials.

My question is what if we had to endure trials like he did? Could we persevere and last with our faith through the loss of wealth and family the same way? I’m not sure how many Christians could do this. I’m not sure that I could do it. But…God doesn’t require this of us. All that we have to do is seek to be forgiven, realizing that we are sinners and are in need of a Savior. Granted we will not be given over 170 years of life like Job was just because we come to salvation through Jesus Christ but we will be entered in the Lamb’s book of Life. We will be granted a home in Heaven where all believers will be one day. This is a greater reward than anything we could have or imagine having on Earth and worth more than any amount of wealth as well.

Many Christians in America and Europe have never experienced persecution like those in Russia or China and in some Muslim controlled countries but even this will change one day. The Tribulation will soon happen. I can’t tell you when but after the church is taken to Heaven the world that most people know today will change and it won’t be in a good way. It may not be too bad for the first two or three years but not long after that things will turn much worse. Read the book of Revelation if you want to get some idea of what is coming because God’s Word is true!

I pray that whoever reads this post and searches for the Truth will seek Jesus Christ as their Savior before the events of Revelation begins. Seek to know Jesus and repent so that you can be saved from the hell on Earth that is coming.

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