How can you understand God?

The first thing that you have to understand is the Trinity of God Himself. God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit. Think of them as a coin. God is on the face of the coin, Jesus is on the reverse side and the Holy Spirit is the edge of the coin that shows how they are joined together as One God and it is the combination of them Who created mankind and all that is found in Creation.

In truth we cannot understand God because He is our Creator and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and we can’t understand Him or His ways. God is sending His Son back to Earth soon to gather all of those who have believed in Him for their salvation. It may be today or tomorrow or next year but Jesus told His disciples that He would return to take them and His Bride, the church (believers in Him since the beginning), back with Him to their home in Heaven. Then the time of tribulation will begin and those still here will know what the time is and what is coming if they have been in church and studied the book of Revelation.

The prophecy in God’s Word has been fulfilled completely with the exception of those about the church being taken away and those in the book of Revelation. I pray that all who read this site will be curious enough to read and seek His wisdom so that you can be saved from the terror that is coming.

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