Belief and proof

In our society and in the Christian church, belief is enough through faith to save your soul from hell. But when you do not have faith, belief is a matter of the will, not because of proof. Because for those who do not believe, no amount of proof is sufficient. For those who do believe, no proof is necessary or needed. That is why there are so many in the world who believe in other “gods” and you cannot tell them any different. God grants to each of us an amount of faith so that we will believe His Word and in His Son. To others who will choose not to believe, and God knows exactly who these are, God gives them over to their unbelief so that no matter the amount of proof given they will not believe. To those who truly do believe, by faith, no proof is needed.

I know this sounds cruel because God knows who will believe and who will not but He is not choosing who will and who won’t…it is our choice that determines this. God exists outside of our time and space and He can see your past and future just as He can see every person’s decisions even before they make them. He is not choosing who will and who will not believe in Jesus for their salvation because He already knows who will choose to be saved. Just as in the book of Genesis when Jacob and Esau were still in the womb the scripture says “…God loved Jacob but hated Esau”; lest you think that I’m making this up, here is the scripture from Romans.

“Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”- Rom 9:13

An angel of the Lord told Isaac’s wife that there were two nations in her womb and we see the evidence of it almost every day in the news. The Jewish people are in conflict with those around them today and have been for many years and it won’t stop until the Lord Himself comes back and puts a stop to it. The problem began with Ishmael and continued with Esau and his descendants and it is still going on today. Family feuds are ingrained so deeply until there is little anyone can do to stop them and in this one, only Jesus Christ will bring it to an end.

Belief doesn’t require proof in regard to spiritual things because our Spirit communes with the Lord’s Spirit and proves our belief without having physical proof. Even today people still ask for proof of our Christian faith but what can we give them that they will believe? There is nothing that we can give or show them because belief requires faith and if they do not have faith then they will not believe regardless of the amount of proof that may be given.

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