What comes next?

This is a question that we are all wondering about but…we’re not sure we really want the answer right now. This past year has been a real rollercoaster ride for the whole world. A virus that came out of China and took the whole world by storm! We didn’t see it coming at least not until a few people were really sick and there was a lockdown going on in China. By that time it had moved across borders to many countries and it just kept spreading. It hasn’t stopped and there are mutations of it now that we really don’t know what they will do…yet. Will the vaccine work on it? Will the vaccine work at all? For how long will we be immune or will we be immune period?

Here in America we will be enduring the next administration coming to the White House. They will undo everything that our current President has done and yet we have to endure it no matter if we voted for Joe Biden or not. I believe that God is punishing us because we haven’t listened to Him and we have not changed as a culture to seek Him. Instead we are pushing Him out of our schools and the workplace and as much as possible we are trying to take any mention of Him out of our government.

Could you truly blame God if He did punish our country and even the world because there are many billions of people on Earth who reject Him and His Son, Jesus? It will not be very long before the entire world will know that He is True and His Word and the prophecies in it are real. Every prophecy in the Bible has come to pass except for the taking away of the church and the prophecies in the book of Revelation. If you don’t believe my writing, seek out the answers in His Word, the Bible, because there are no more prophecies that will come to pass except the two examples that I wrote in the sentence above.

I pray that anyone reading the words that I have written here for the past ten years has taken the advice that I give and sought out Jesus as your Savior. If you have not, please do not put this off because God could require your soul tonight or tomorrow. Not one of us knows when our expiration date here is but God does know. Make sure that you believe in Jesus for your salvation before that day comes because once this life is over, there are no do-overs or respawns after you die.

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