What Child came to us?

The Child of Bethlehem was Jesus Christ. He came because God decreed it to be. In order for mankind to be forgiven for our sins, Jesus had to pay the price for all of mankind and He did. So why are there so many people who still insist that He didn’t come or rather that they don’t believe in Him at all? The reason for this is simple…humanity has been convinced over the years that the Bible is false and that it contains errors. Some even believe that the entire Bible is a lie.

So why do I believe that God’s Word is the Truth and that it is trustworthy? Well, consider the authorship of the Bible. It was written over thousands of years by over forty different authors when you include the New Testament writers too. Yet, the message of the Bible is pointing toward a Savior from Genesis to Micah, then from Matthew to the Revelation the New Testament shows the fulfilled prophecies of the Old Testament in Jesus Christ and His birth, His life, His teachings, His miracles and His death on the cross and His resurrection.

Forty authors could not put together a lie that would be convincing enough for people to die for their faith in Jesus. The disciples of Jesus wouldn’t have been so adamant about His miracles and His teachings if they hadn’t witnessed them firsthand. They all died by horrible torture except for the apostle John who died of old age.

The Child born in Bethlehem of a virgin, foretold hundreds of years before, laid in a manger, worshipped by the magi who came to give Him gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold to show their knowledge that He was a King. Frankincense to show that He was to be our Priest, and myrrh which would be one of the spices to be placed on Him at His burial. Our Lord and Savior fulfilled all of the prophecies which were written by the prophets many years before His birth.

So to answer the question in the title: the Child was God’s only Son. Given to redeem mankind from their sins and their sinful nature so that we could be adopted into God’s family. Read God’s Word with a prayerful heart and an open mind so that His Holy Spirit can touch your heart and Spirit and bring you into His family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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