Why do we have such hate and cruelty?

I watched a movie today called “Schindler’s List” and it truly showed the cruelty and the horrors that a human being can inflict on another because of hatred or racism. Not because of their skin color but because of their nationality and their religious beliefs. It was not an easy movie to watch. My Savior is Jewish and was raised as a Jewish man until His people rejected Him as their Messiah and hung Him on a cross to get rid of Him.

God still loves us but our sinful ways He doesn’t excuse one bit. There are going to be many people during the Tribulation and at the Judgment seat who will believe that they were doing what they did for God. I believe that they will get much worse punishment than others, especially if they were trying to exterminate the Jewish people. Our sins aren’t the things which get us thrown into Hell. It is our rejection of the Savior and His grace toward us that will sentence us to hell. We may be punished for the sins which we have committed in this life regardless of their “size”, big lies or little lies, stealing a pen or a million dollars. Any sin which breaks any of the Ten Commandments will convict you because even one sin is still abhorrent to God.

Life is too short for us to be cruel to each other regardless of the reason. But humanity has been finding ways to do just that for thousands of years. It was their sinful and cruel ways which brought the flood on the world and caused God to regret that He had made mankind. That’s pretty bad when the Creator regrets His creation. It also seems that as the years have passed by that in the past century plus twenty years we have grown to be more cruel toward one another. Not on a daily basis for the most part but the news which most of us listen to describes very hate-filled attacks on people all over the world. When I said “on a daily basis” I meant in my country, America.

Even in our United States there are many people killing each other over disagreements which shouldn’t be deadly. Some are over a few dollars or even less. Sometimes it is because of alcohol or drugs but most of the violence seems to center around a woman or money in one way or another. Not all of the violence in America is from guns or the use of guns, although the media seems to make it look that way more often than not.

Why am I writing this at the end of September this year? Because after the Presidential election in a little more than a month, there will likely be many protests and riots and violence of all different kinds. If one candidate is elected instead of the other there will be riots in the streets. I ask this question now before we get to that point: WHY? What good will killing people and burning businesses and police cars accomplish? Will it change the outcome of the election? Not likely. Will it force the government to step in and control the population? Possibly. Is there a rational way to make your voice heard? Yes, vote for your candidate and if they don’t win, this is the last time our current President can run so the next election will possibly be the one for your party to win.

God is the One Who places those in power, whoever they may be and wherever they may be. They are in power for His purposes and they can and will bring about the changes that He wants to be in place. Whether you believe in God or not doesn’t matter because He is still in control whether you believe or not. I pray that our country will experience a revival which will bring more people into God’s Kingdom because it won’t be long before He comes back for His Bride. Once that happens, this world is going to be much more violent than anyone can imagine because His Spirit will be taken from the Earth. The anti-Christ will be in power and there will be hell on Earth. Make sure that you won’t be here to live or die during that time.

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