What will you do?

Before Jesus ascended to His Father, He gave His disciples a command to go into all of the world and preach the gospel. Each of us, as Christians, who have asked for His forgiveness and for Him to be our Savior also has this command extended to us. So…what will you do? Have you told those that you know at work or even those that you meet at a coffee shop about your Lord and Savior? It truly is our job to do so and we are supposed to be doing so until we are called to be with Him one day. Have you tried to tell those in your family about Jesus? They are the hardest to tell because they may think that they are Christians already but do they live their lives like they belong to Him?

Those of us who live in the South, the Bible belt as it is referred to, are harder to convince that we even need Jesus as our Savior. Why is this true? Because most of us have grown up in church. We have been brought to church ever since we were too small to even know where we were or why we were there. Our parents and grandparents are members of the church so we grow up believing that we are as well. We have heard many sermons about Jesus and His gospel for years it seems and we can quote some scripture as well. So…why do we need Jesus?

Because growing up in the church and as part of the crowd in the church doesn’t grant you salvation!

Satan can quote Scripture as well as any theologian can and he knows the Person of God and Jesus because he was created by them…but he won’t serve them. He doesn’t want salvation. He wants to be “like God”. The type of Christianity that we have in the South is called cultural Christianity or to put it another way “Christianity by osmosis”. We grow up believing that we are Christians because we have been in the church ever since before we could walk. So we think we are “safe from the fires of Hell” because we have been in church and we know about Jesus and we have a Bible that we look at during the service. But…do you live your daily life OUTSIDE the church as if you are His disciple?

Belonging to Jesus and being known by Him is totally different from knowing about Him. Think of it this way…I know a lot about the new Corvette because I’ve read about it in magazines but I don’t have one in my garage. First because I can’t afford it! Secondly, because knowledge of or about something or Someone doesn’t mean that you possess it or have a relationship with Them because they live in your heart!

You could read the Bible from Genesis to the book of Revelation once every year but unless you have been convicted of your need for a Savior and have given your heart and life to Him, you have only read a book with sixty-six other books inside it. Salvation comes to each of us by faith in God and the conviction that we are sinners and need Jesus as our Savior. Until that happens and you accept Him as your Savior, regardless of how much time you’ve spent in church, you are still lost. Make sure of your place in eternity while you can because when this life is over there are no “second chances” because you’ve used them all up in this life.

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