Living in Christ

Have you considered giving your life to Jesus? During times like this with nearly every country affected by this virus, how can we not look to the One who can truly help? Some are blaming Him for this and some are looking to Him for their healing.

Living with Christ is actually something that is not hard to do. He’s near you all of the time, but you don’t get the full measure of Him until you trust Him for your salvation. He gives us strength and peace for each day and the words that we need in times of testing. Jesus has come to us as a Savior and it is our responsibility to accept Him as our Savior when we feel His call on our lives.

Have you felt that call of the Spirit in your heart and His conviction of your sins which calls you to repent and give your life to Jesus the Messiah? Many people have heard it but they have ignored it and walked away. You are doing this to your own hurt. Because we are not guaranteed tomorrow, your soul could be required of you even in the next hour. I have been accused of scaring people to seek their Savior by saying this but if that is what it takes, so be it. Your eternal destination and your eternal life is at stake here!

Your soul will live on after your death and according to God’s Word we will have a body like Jesus had after His resurrection. We won’t be floating about like ghosts or angels but we will have an actual body. The only question about your eternity is where will you spend it while you have this immortal body? Will you be in Heaven where God is or will you be in hell where Satan and his demons are? It really is your decision when you feel the touch or call of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Will you respond by giving your heart to Him or will you ignore the call and walk away. Occasionally, you may have some time to ponder your decision and you may get another nudge from the Holy Spirit.

Why do I point this out? Because we are not guaranteed to live through the night or into tomorrow. God knows our so-called “expiration date” but we don’t, thankfully. Just make sure of your eternal destination before it gets here because there are no “do-overs” and no “re-spawning” after this life is over.

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