Tradition doesn’t save you!

It seems that there are so many people who love their church traditions, but they don’t want to give their hearts to Jesus. You either have Jesus in your heart or you don’t, and celebration of Communion without Him is a sin. Communion is not a bad thing but celebrating and taking part in it is only for those who are saved by His sacrifice for them.

God loves each of us but He looks at the traditions of men which are used as substitutions for Him and He is not pleased. No, tradition or the “good” things that you do in His name won’t save you from Hell. Only belief in Jesus and repenting of your sins can save you. So think about this during this holiday season and give thanks to the One Who truly deserves to be thanked for His sacrifice for your soul and mine.

One thought on “Tradition doesn’t save you!

  1. “Communion is not a bad thing…”
    If one were to search this site, using the word, “communion”, or the words, “do this in memory of me”, I would think they would find the inspiration that comes from learning the impact of the Lord’s Supper”, an event that is fundamental to Christ’s life and Mission. But it’s no where to be found here. I think that is unfortunate.
    God bless your hard work, but please consider this comment when revising this website.

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