Are we worthy of God’s love?

It seems that this is a question which is not often asked or answered in church or any worship setting. But it should be.

According to the Bible, we are not worthy to claim God’s love for us. We aren’t worthy to be granted access to Heaven either. So why are there so many people who believe that there is another pathway or another avenue which will grant them access to Heaven? Being worthy of God’s love for us isn’t hard because He loves us and because we are His creation and His children. But being worthy of Heaven is a totally different story. God is Holy and entirely perfect as well as being the Creator of everything. Do you truly believe that you are good enough to stand in His Presence?

Even Moses, when he came to the burning bush, was told to take of his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. Why was it holy? Because the Presence of God was in the bush and the ground around the bush was holy due to His Presence there. There are many instances of a place being holy in Scripture and the majority of them are because of God’s Presence. So, do you think you are worthy to be able to stand in God’s Presence?

We are not worthy of being in His Presence, standing or on our knees or even face down out of respect. Our sins make us unworthy of Him and His love for us except when we accept Jesus as our Savior and our sins are made as white as snow. Living in this world is possible without Jesus but it is not as enjoyable because in Him we have salvation, in Him we have access to the Creator, in Him we have hope of eternity with Him and that is worth more than all of the money in the whole world!

It is only through Jesus, the Son of God, that we will be able to see God face to face one day. There is a pathway to Heaven and it is by belief in Jesus as our Savior and for our Savior and Jesus is the ONLY way! In the world today, many people seem to be pointing to or trying to find many pathways to eternity in Heaven. But there is only one path and that is through Jesus. God has never lied and the Truth of salvation is only by belief in Jesus as your Savior. The most unusual part about Jesus as your Savior is that He will not try to convince you unless you are truly lost and He has a job for you.

Jesus is hope and strength and courage and the Son of God and He gives us everything that we need to do our job, whatever it may be. Whether it is as a teacher or a preacher or a nurse or a gardener or a janitor or a fisherman, Jesus can use you in any one of these professions to reach at least one more person. You are the only person who can reach that woman or man or girl or boy and Heaven will shout for joy when they finally listen and turn to the One Who can save them.

Even if there was only ONE person to die for, He would’ve died for just one.

4 thoughts on “Are we worthy of God’s love?

  1. So true, the enemy has convinced people that it’s not possible to be worthy of His love. Mostly because they drag their past along with their feelings to the Father. He says, was my son not enough? Psalm 103:10 in the NIV says He never treats “us” as our sins deserve. Thats because he put them on Jesus. I’m going with Jesus who makes me worthy.)

  2. I think there is a contradiction in your article. You say we are worthy of God’s love because we are His creation. But then you say we are unworthy of His love except when we accept Jesus.
    I think you were correct in your first paragraph. We mean so much to God and are inherently lovable as his creation, but not worthy to stand in God’s sight because He is holy.
    I think when you say we are only worthy of love because Jesus makes us worthy, that means every one that hasn’t accepted Jesus is unworthy of love yet.

    1. Not a problem really. God loves His creation, including you and me whether we have accepted Jesus or not. He just can’t accept us into His presence until we accept Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit has changed our hearts from being against Him to being disciples.

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