Spinning round and round…

Do you ever feel like you are doing the same thing that your tires are doing? Going around and around and maybe getting somewhere but you feel as if you are in a rut? There are many days that I feel this way and I’m disabled. I don’t go to work every morning and come home at night exhausted and worn out to the point of collapse. Some days, just getting up and working around in the house is enough to do that.

No, I’m not getting into a pity party here it is just a fact for most people who do work one or two jobs. When they do get some time off, they feel like just watching TV and doing as little as possible. I understand that and God does too. Keeping your mind focused on Jesus and following Him every day is hard sometimes, but it is worth it. Because it can lower your blood pressure and impact your health, physically and spiritually, in many ways.

Of course, keeping your eyes focused on Him is how we are supposed to walk through this world and do His will every day. It isn’t a question of should we do this, if you are a born-again Christian it is your duty and responsibility to do so. Just as a soldier in military service does his or her duty, we are in the Army of the Lord and we are supposed to do our duty for His Kingdom until it is time for us to go home to be with Him.

This is not a question of wanting to or not wanting to work for Him. We are commanded to work for the Kingdom and let others see that His Presence in our lives makes a difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us because He is present in our hearts and every decision that we make. God loves each of us which is why He sent Jesus into the world to pay the penalty for our sins. So that by believing in Him and putting our faith in Him for our salvation, we will be saved.

It wasn’t a light thing which Jesus the Son did for us because His human body and mind knew the suffering which He would have to endure before His crucifixion and during the time on the cross. This is why He sweat drops of blood on the night before when He was taken to the priests and “tried” for blasphemy. He committed no crime because He was God and man, but they didn’t want to see or to make sure of His claim of being their Messiah.

I pray that all of us who claim Jesus as our Savior will take Him with us each and every day will do so and live our lives the way that He wants us to do and to live in this world.

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