When we worship God…

What do you think of when you hear the word “worship”? Is it beautiful music and choral songs of praise? Is it a message brought from God’s Word and spoken in your ears and in your heart that brings you to the point of knowing that you need Jesus as your Savior?

Actually worship is all of the above and more! We can worship God when we watch a beautiful bird fly over our head. We can worship God by watching the Sun go down over the ocean or behind a bank of clouds which turns the sunset almost the color of blood. We can listen to a baby laugh or play with a puppy or a kitten or watch a newborn calf or horse get up and run just as fast as its little legs can carry it. How can we worship God in all of these things in the natural world? Because He created them and He created you and your eyes and your brain to appreciate beauty in creation.

God loves each of us far more than we can know or even comprehend but by appreciating His creation and just thanking Him for giving you the ability and opportunity to worship Him by knowing that He is the Creator and that He created all of this for His glory and to let you know Who He is!

He also sent Jesus, His Son, to Earth as a baby to grow up as a human being. To be tempted and tried just as we are and in every way that we are…yet He did not sin. Remember that He was fully human because He was tempted but He overcame those temptations so that He could pay the price for us. Jesus overcame those temptations not just because He was God in the flesh because He still felt fear and hunger and heat and cold and all of the temptations which we feel. But because of His relationship with His Father, He was able to resist those temptations and do so many good things while He was here.

If you want to know the ministry and majesty of your Savior, read the books of John and Romans. These two books encapsulate His miracles and His Majesty as the Son of God Who came to seek and save us because we were lost. When we feel His touch and know that we truly need His Presence in our lives, we should seek Him just as hard as He sought us.

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