Who is the Lord, that I should obey Him?

This question has been asked by all sorts of people. From Pharaoh on down through the ages until now. Why is it so hard for people to grasp that the Lord is our Creator and our God? He places kings and Presidents in their offices. He keeps governments in place to do His will, even though they may not be Christian in their beliefs. Pharaoh didn’t believe in God and didn’t want to believe in Him until God showed that He was above all of the gods of Egypt and Pharaoh too.

So, why do we either decide that we don’t want to believe in God or His Word or we are so arrogant that we think we are better than He is? Satan thought this and still thinks it, but he is a defeated foe. We, as human beings, are much less powerful than an archangel so how can we think that we might have some sway over God’s decisions? We can’t! God created the entire universe with His Word and formed mankind from the dirt on the Earth…can you do that?

God did all of these things for His glory and to make us see that He is God! Not a carving or a casting of any person or imagination or of an animal or your family or your career! None of those can speak to you in the way that He does and not one of them died and rose from the grave to pay for your sins and mine! Only Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, did that and HE did it because He loved us long before we were born!

God the Father knew each of us before the foundation of the world was laid by Him. Yet, many of us act as if He doesn’t exist or rather we don’t want Him to be real. Why? Because, if God is real then His Word is true and everything that we thought we knew about evolution and science, while they may not be wrong some of it will have to be re-thought a bit. Because many have said that there was no world-wide flood and the Earth has to be more than a few thousand years old. Evolution didn’t happen because God created everything, if His Word is true. Which it is! God doesn’t lie.

Your life is dependent upon many things which God has put into place in our natural world. Many of them govern the way the air and the gases which make up our atmosphere react with one another. Some of these numbers are so precise until a variation between 0.007 up or down by only one thousandth would cause the universe itself to come apart and life would cease to exist. So, don’t say that God has no interest in our lives. Even the molecule of the protein which holds our bodies together, called Laminine, is shaped like a Cross.

Think about this when you feel like denying that God exists.

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