Even in the foggy places…

Everywhere we go in our travels or in life, God is there. You may not see Him but He is there. God cares for His creation and we are a part of His Creation. There are billions of stars and galaxies in the universe to declare the awesome power of God but there is only one of each person on Earth. Isn’t that amazing!? Even if you have a twin sibling, you may look very much like each other but there are differences which make each of you very special in God’s Kingdom.

All of the places where we can travel to on Earth are there to declare His majesty and glory. Whether you believe in Him or not, He loves you. Regardless of your troubles or your trials, God is always just a prayer away if you believe. If you don’t believe yet, He is still only a prayer away because He does care about all of us.

Even in the places where God seems to be absent in any form, He is there. We need to have faith in Him, especially when we are in need of His strength and His Hand in our life. Whether it is for a healing from disease or strength to get through depression or for our salvation, He is always near and we should seek Him for our healing from whatever it may be that is causing our troubles today and every day.

It doesn’t matter what the “pundits” on TV or radio say about God’s existence, He said in His Word that He is coming back to rule the Earth and to undo the wrongs which Satan has brought on those in this world. Since God can’t lie, He’s coming back. When? We really can’t speculate about that, but with the prophecies which have already come to pass and very few which are left I would say that almost anyone who is alive today will likely see Him return.

God has provided a way for us to be with Him in eternity…if we will believe in His Son, Jesus for our salvation. Attending church services, reading the Bible, praying for friends and family are all good things to do but if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior and believed in your heart for your salvation, these are only tokens. You have been going through the motions of acting like a Christian but if He isn’t your savior and your life hasn’t changed from what you were before He became your Savior, then I would seriously question whether you are His. Accepting Him spiritually into your heart and allowing that change in your life is much different than just “acting like a Christian”.

Seek Him as your Savior, follow Him daily, read and pray about His Word and wisdom you find in the Bible so that you will know for sure that you belong to Him and He belongs to you!

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