God is…

Oh that I could adequately fill this writing with all of the descriptions and attributes of God. He is described as All Powerful and Knowing. He is the Creator of everything. He is Love and the Finisher of All that is. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Lover of our souls and the Pillar of Fire and Cloud. He was the Burning bush and the Finger that wrote the Commandments. God is.

There are so many descriptions of His awesome power and His gentle love for His Creation until it is hard to write this. God loves us and all of His creation not because of His needs but because of His Glory which comes through when we see His creation for His Glory.

Your life and mine bring glory to God when we acknowledge that He is and always has been in control. Your life and your accomplishments are possible because of His blessings in your life and they are not because of your own power but because of His grace toward you as well. God is much more than our Savior and our Creator but until we give Him the honor and the glory that He deserves many of us just consider Him as being the Intelligence behind evolution or the creation and nothing more.

He is much more than I can describe in a short article here. A better description of Him is found in His Word, the Bible. All of His attributes and His power are demonstrated in the Word and will be even more evident when the time of Tribulation comes upon the world soon. I pray that many of you who still question God and His power will seek Him out as your Savior before that time of testing and wrath comes upon the world because even though it won’t last but seven years it will be hell on Earth.

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