Who is Jesus the Christ?

Why did I write it that way? Because Christ is not His last name, it is a title! Christ, Christos, and Messiah all point to Him because He is the Messiah. He didn’t stay dead in that tomb. He was a prophet and a King and our Creator. He was a dark-skinned man but He was the Son of God, yet He came to save the entire world from their sins IF they, you and me, will believe in His work of atonement for your sins.

So why is there so much hatred in the world today? Is it because of their rejection of Jesus? Some of that hatred is because of Him and the Truth which He represents. The other instances of hatred in the world are due to the work of Satan and whether you believe it or not he is real and at work in the world. God sent Jesus into the world because of His love for us. God values even one person’s soul beyond all of the wealth of the whole world! That is why Jesus said, “you could gain the world but lose your soul“, by the “world” He meant the wealth of the world.

Could you even imagine the wealth of the world? I can’t. I have tried to research it and it is in the trillions of dollars, but what good will that do you in eternity? You can’t take one cent with you when you die and no amount of money will stop death from taking your life. God values just one of our souls being worth more than the wealth of the whole world. Imagine what value He places on all of the children that have been killed in abortions over the years?

Seek out Jesus as your Savior while there is still time. You don’t know when your life will end, none of us do, so make sure of your eternal destination before that day comes! Jesus came to open a door into eternity for you but only if you will believe in Him and repent of your sins and follow Him for the rest of your days.

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