One day…

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Dr. Martin Luther King

So…when will this actually happen? It has been fifty years, but when you look around the world it seems that we are less able to make this happen today than even forty years ago or thirty years ago. Do you think we can do this today? In my opinion, this won’t happen until Jesus begins His Kingdom on Earth. Our determination to be selfish and distrustful of each other as well as dredging up history which just brings back hurt feelings and angst from the past has caused any progress we have made to fade into nothing.

Anyone who has an idea which might work to bring this to the world, please leave it in the comments. The anger and distrust in the world, not just in America or Europe but elsewhere too, has gone so far above what it once was until I don’t see humanity ever fixing this problem by our own understanding. Only God’s Son returning to Earth will make this right and He will do so soon…much sooner than most people believe.

Jesus’ return is foretold in the Bible in more than one place and since God’s Word is the absolute Truth it will happen! Seek Him out as your Savior before His return because the situation in the world will get much worse before HE returns. Worse than it is now? Yes! Much, much worse than it is today. Those who mock the Word of God or their “interpretation” of it will be found out because they do not know the Word of God and they do not have His Spirit guiding their lives today. Jesus was speaking to His disciples about the Kingdom of God in a spiritual sense when He told them that it would be in the world before many of them died.

When Jesus comes back in the clouds with the angels and with those who have believed in His Word there will be no doubt about it! For many people who doubt it today, it is like a weather forecast, it may happen the way they said or it may not. When God’s Word says it then you can count on it coming to be. He didn’t put a date or a time on these prophecies but the evidence is all around us. More earthquakes and volcanoes coming to life, more unrest and disease and all kinds of wars all over the world.

People are not respectful of each other or their different beliefs anymore, whether you are standing on a political platform or in a pulpit. It seems that nobody has any inclination to listen to your beliefs if they are different from theirs and they will attempt to drown your voice or even assault you if you try to be heard. Even if Jesus came as a man the way He did before, He would be shouted down or even murdered again for His teachings today! This is a very sad commentary on our world and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better at all.

Our efforts have only produced more chaos and distrust in many parts of the world and in our own country. It will take a massive revival of faith in God and repentance which would be above and beyond the Great Awakening from years past and even that wouldn’t be enough, although it would be a step in the right direction. But it won’t be long until the whole world will see the prophecies come to fruition and for many, it may be too late to make a decision for Jesus. Or will it? Only God knows that answer.

2 thoughts on “One day…

  1. I have no words that can bring peace amongst the different races of people in the world, but I do not believe that Heaven is segregated. We will all be alike when we stand before God and either enter His Kingdom or suffer for eternity.

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