A message of freedom

Jesus came to set the whole world free from the bondage of sin, and yet today people are still seeking to discredit the church and the Bible and even disbelieve in God Himself. Even when there are proofs all around them of God’s majesty and His love toward us. Scientists have proven this with the fact that our solar system is so perfectly balanced in gravity and in the distances of the planets from the Sun.

Yet, there are many in the world who don’t want to see God’s Hand of Design in these things. Even the astronomers and other scientists who can calculate the intricate details which hold our solar system and our galaxy together. They may recognize that without a Designer to put these things together, most of the universe would just fly apart but they don’t want to admit that there is a Creator like the Bible says.

Our freedom from sin and its consequences came to us by the price which was paid by the Son of God and His reward of eternal life is with Him and for those who believe. Yet, most of the world rejects His teaching or even the fact that He existed at all. Why? Because the world doesn’t like the very idea of absolute Truth which is found in the Bible! It is not because the Bible teaches that there is only one way, one path to eternity. It is because the path that is True comes from Judea and from the Jewish people in Israel. Every war and skirmish and terrorist action in the past forty years which has happened in the Middle East is a reflection of this.

In reality, it is a family squabble which has been going on since the time of Abraham. His two sons have been at odds with and at war with each other in some fashion for this whole time. If you watch the news much, the whole world is focused on the conflict in the Middle East in some form or fashion. God is keeping His attention on Israel and on those who bless them or those who curse them in any way. But, the world doesn’t see it this way.

Unless you are a student of the Bible and look at the news through that lens, most of the prophecy about this time is lost. Much of the world doesn’t look at current events and see them as the fulfillment of God’s Word, but those of us who do see a very different picture from what most of the news media tells us. I realize that there will be a few who will read this and ask “Why is this so important now?”; it is important because we are very close to that time which Jesus called “the end of the age”.

Our time here is growing shorter and life will not get any easier for anyone, Christian, Jew, Muslim or any other religion in the world. The birth pains which Jesus spoke of include all of the things which we are experiencing even now and they will only grow more powerful as the time gets closer. When Jesus sends for His church and it is taken up, these wars and famines and other problems will only get worse from that point on until the Tribulation is finished.

Beware that no man deceives you about Who the Christ is during this time, because if they are saying that he is in the desert or in the mountains, don’t believe it. Jesus will return physically to the Earth at the end of the Tribulation and He will do so riding a white horse from the heavens, not on the ground until He stands on the Mount of Olives once more.

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